Hiring For Telecallers

With 50+ employees on its rolls, it is yet expected to double its strength in coming year. These qualified employees combine in a rewarding and supportive work environment to deliver Venus Shine proven array of performance and meeting our targets and goals.

Career At Venus shine!

When you join Venus Shine, you don’t take up a job, you align yourself to an exciting way of life – a work life that will see you discovering your true mettle, seeking out challenges and enjoying the thrill of overcoming them. No, working at Venus Shine is never a job. It’s a philosophy you integrate into.

Notice Board

Dear Customer,

  • All Venus shine , we are committed to provide good information to the customers.
  • Feedback from the monitoring process should be objective,using a method of scoring and evaluating.
  • Once milestones are agreed and set, they must be kept to, built on and progressed.
  • Quality evaluation is only as good as the person doing the evaluating.
  • Create a USP for your work-culture and get creative with ideas.
  • Content placed in public channels must not include copies of private communications, including support tickets, emails, private messages, and chat logs.

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