Smart IVR service configured through a Virtual Number interacts with customers and routes calls to appropriate department.


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1.   Get more leads with our cloud IVR system

With Venus shine  personalized IVR system (IVRS), your IVR addresses callers by their name and directs them to a suitable agent based on his call history, purchase history and location.

2.   Get a professional image for your business

Use your IVR system to respond to all customer queries professionally. Reduce caller waiting time and direct them to the concerned department or agent to highly organized business communication system with an IVR number

3.   Boost agent productivity

Our cloud IVR solutions enable customers to handle most queries such as billing, basic information, etc. by themselves. The IVR would allow your agents to invest time on more complex client issues.

4.   Use Venus Shine’s IVR system to handle a large call volume

Forget about the peak hour call load with Venus shine’s cloud IVR solutions and handle up to 50 calls concurrently



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